Obedience Private Lessons

Don’t have time for a group class?  Want to work one-on-one with an Internationally Certified Trainer?  We offer private lessons in your home and at our facility.   Each lesson is tailored to fit your dog. Common Obedience Concerns include but are not limited to:

Housebreaking * Nipping   *   Jumping *  Manners *   Walking politely on leash * Bolting * Coming when called  *  Puppy socialization

Call us to schedule your one hour consultation.  Once a date is picked, we require the New Client Intake Form 48 hours before the scheduled lesson.

We also offer discounted packages of 1 hour private lessons.  Please contact us for more information.

Daycare Training

We offer half hour lessons for dogs that are attending daycare.  The owners are provided with a summary/video of what was accomplished. Skills taught by our internationally certified trainer range from beginner to advanced levels.

Steps To Register

  1. Contact us to make sure there is still room in the class.
  2. Fill out the "Group Class Form" by click the green button.
  3. Full payment is then required to hold your dog's spot in the class.

Obedience Group Classes

Group classes are approximately fifty minutes in length for six consecutive weeks.  The class sizes are limited to ensure that you and your dog get plenty of attention and one-on-one help from an Internationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant/Certified Professional Dog Trainer/AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. 

Please note: owners will bend/squat/kneel in class and dogs do not play or meet on leash. 

We offer two membership levels when you enroll your dog in a group class:  Basic and Advanced

Doggy Daycare

Daycare is provided between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:30 p.m. All dogs must show proof of current vaccinations.  In order to enroll your dog in daycare, an evaluation at the facility must be held first. All dogs older than 7 months must be spayed/neutered.

  • A certified trainer and behavior consultant experienced in reading dogs’ body language and play styles will give  your dog(s) constant supervision.
  • Daycare is limited ensuring that each dog is provided with individual attention from trainers.
  • We provide exercise as well as mental stimulation.
  • Clean, heated/air conditioned, and positive atmosphere.
  • Your dog(s) will have a great time!
  • All dogs are dropped off by 10 am.

Check out our Facebook page for lots of pictures and videos of the daycare dogs.

We would be happy to evaluate your dog for daycare.  Please follow the steps below to get started!

  1. Fill out the Pre-Daycare "Evaluation Form"
  2. Fill out the Daycare "Rules and Waivers"
  3. Schedule an appointment
  4. Submit payment (transferred to the first day if your dog passes)
  5. Email or bring a copy of current vaccination record to the appointment.

         **Your dog WILL NOT be able to take the evaluation if copies of Rabies, DHPP, and

            Bordatella (Kennel Cough) records are not provided.**



Basic Class Membership Includes:

  1. Training Website Access: 6 weeks-worth of instructions, 16+ videos, the ability to review lessons at home during the program, and jump ahead in the course if your dog is excelling.  Access available one week before the start of the course and one week after its completion.
  2. Email Support: Contact us with any questions that you have about the material in-between classes.
  3. Free Daycare Evaluation Voucher: 45-minute evaluation for doggy daycare.  A bag of training treats will be provided instead if your dog is not eligible for daycare.

Advanced Class Membership: For students that would like extra individual attention to excel between classes.  These features are in addition to what is included in the Basic Class Membership.

  1. Video Submissions: Between each class, you will be able to send the instructor video (up to 5 minutes in length) of your practice sessions, related to what was covered in class.  The instructor will make suggestions to help you progress between classes.  Total video help is 30 minutes!
  2. Phone Support: Call us with any questions that you have about the material in-between classes.
  3. Training Website Access: One additional month of access to the training site. 

Class Schedule   

Beginner: Tuesday, 1/16/18 at 6 pm. FULL

Beginner: Thursday 1/18/17 at 6 pm. FULL

Beginner: Tuesday, 3/6/18 at 6 pm. FULL

Beginner: Thursday, 3/8/18 at 6 pm.  FULL

Intermediate: Thursday, 4/26/18 at 6 pm.  FULL

Beginner: Tuesday, 4/24/18 at 6 pm.  ENROLLING

Behavior Modification
Private Lessons for Aggression, Fear, and more! An internationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant can work one on one with you and your dog’s behavior needs.  Common concerns that we work on include (but are not limited to):

Aggression/fear towards people

Aggression/fear towards other animals 
Separation Anxiety

Resource Guarding

Preparation for a Baby

Destructive Behaviors

Court Cases

and more.

Call us to schedule your one and a half hour consultation.  Please fill out the  New Client Intake Form 48 hours before the scheduled lesson.



Beginner Class

Designed to teach your dog foundation behaviors, the class will cover: leave it, stay, counter surfing, coming when called, jumping, down, stand, mat work, loose leash walking, politely greeting people, touch, bow, and settle.  Puppies under 1 year of age are eligible for the S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.  Check out the introduction section of the Beginner Training Website to learn more.

Intermediate Class

This class focuses on expanding on the skills learned during Beginner Class and introducing new ones.  The class will cover long distance recalls, introduction to precision heel work, drop (into a down), mat work when guests arrive and during dinner time, loose leash walking, increased distractions, leave it, putting multiple behaviors together, and more. Check out the introduction section of the Intermediate Training Website to learn more.

Advanced Class

​Once your dog has successfully learned the Beginner and Intermediate behaviors, its time to teach them to put it all together for less rewards.  S/he will also be introduced to working on tasks at a distance, stop and down during recall, politely greeting other dogs with their owner, extended stays during increasingly difficult distractions, and much more!

Canine Good Citizen Test Prep
This is a four week course.  During the first three weeks, you and your dog will practice and fine tune all 10 skills that make up Canine Good Citizen Test.  The actual test takes place during the fourth class.  Dogs that have gone through out Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes will have worked on the skills needed to pass.